Code Requirements

Federal, State and Municipal Building Codes all have maintenance clauses pertaining to the flame retardancy of decorative materials when used in areas of assembly, egress or occupancy classification. Many have established on-going maintenance cycles, protocol and recertification programs for fire-retardant decorative materials whose cycles vary in length of time. Any flame retardant or resistant decorative item that has had its fire resistant coating removed or has had a flammable coating (including, but not limited to airborne dust and flammable paints) applied or adhered to its surface, will have negated its flammability rating and must be, at that point, MAINTAINED to certify its original flame retardant condition.

New construction and retrofits of existing facilities are also required to meet the current codes established. Certificates of Flameproofing Conformance are provided for items that meet applicable Code Standards. When Certificates of Flameproofing Conformance expire, the liabilities of the flame retardancy of those treated items are no longer the responsibility of the company originally issuing the certificate.