Scope of work for Cleaning, Flame-Retarding & Certifying

 Cleaning, Flame Retarding and Certification of stage and window curtains

  1. All drapery track hardware is cleaned and lubricated. (any missing grommet hooks are replaced at no additional charge).
  2. All stains are pre-spotted to remove as many contaminants as possible without damaging the fabric fiber
    • All curtains are cleaned on both sides with a two-step process.
      • All surface dust is removed using an industrial extractor.
      • Curtains are then misted with a non-toxic drapery cleaner and then
      • re-extracted to remove as much imbedded soil as possible that vacuuming alone will not dislodge.
    • Application of Inspecta-Shield flame retardant is via spray method at a maximum of 15 p.s.i.. Pressures higher than 25 p.s.i. have been found to destroy textile fibers. To ensure proper penetration, the flame retardant solution contains a wetting agent to carry the flame retardant compounds into the textile fibers.
    • Our flame retardant is non-hygroscopic, does satisfy NFPA 701 Large Scale, is nontoxic and also bears the U.L. label for quality control. MSDS are provided for chemical used. The following toxicity compliance reports are available for your review upon request.
      • Acute Oral Toxicity Report
      • Primary Dermal Irritation Report
      • Combustion Toxicity Report
      • NY State Uniform Fire Prevention and Building Code Article 15, part 1120, requires that fire retardant chemicals used for treating draperies, hangings, decorative materials etc. have been tested through an independent lab acceptable to the Secretary of the State and conforms to the state’s requirements.

        We are currently unaware of any other service company that can supply these documents for the flame retardant utilized in this process.
    • Draperies are trimmed to proper height and stage level.
    • International Fire-Shield will provide written certification of these items rendered flame resistant in addition to affixing treatment tag to upper corner of stage curtains stating flame retardant chemical used, treatment date and certificate invoice number. Certificate is issued for a 5-year period from date of treatment.

    International Fire-Shield, Inc. is the manufacturer of this patented flame retardant Inspecta-Shield and is well versed in the flame retardant industry. Inspecta-Shield has been formulated to treat a vast variety of cellulosic and synthetic materials. Over 300 independent tests have been performed on our product and it will meet applicable flame retardant standards, all documentation is available for your review.