1500° Series Firefree 88 Technical Datasheet

1500° Series® Firefree 88®

ASTM E-84 (NFPA 255), ANSI/UL 723 and UBC 8-1

1500° Series® Firefree 88® is a premium quality water based, nontoxic, thin film intumescent fire retardant, fire resistant product formulated to provide a fire retardant, resistant barrier on a variety of interior substrates, including gypsum board, oriented strand board and other wood products, composite architectural panels, class A polyurethane style foam, masonry, concrete, thin gauge metals, fiberglass, as well as many other substrates. It is suitable for residential, multifamily, commercial and industrial projects, for both new and reconstruction projects. FF88® is approved for interior use on certain assemblies only. Please refer to “FIRE SAFETY” below. For exterior use: Please contact the company for more information.

All surfaces to be coated must be clean, cured, firm, dry and free of dust, dirt, oil, wax, grease, mildew, loose flaking paint, efflorescence or any other contamination or condition that would adversely affect the performance of the coating. Etch or prime (with a latex primer or fast dry oil base primer/sealer) glossy, glazed or dense surfaces. Always prime oil based finish coatings with an oil based fast dry primer/sealer. Fill holes and surface irregularities with a suitable patching compound to match surface profile. Spot prime all patched areas with appropriate primer. Metal surfaces must be free of rust.

Do not apply if temperature is below 50ºF. All surfaces to which FF88® have been applied should be inspected by a third party special inspection agency, or an ICC certified professional, or a Firefree Coatings QA/QC qualified inspector to verify that FF88® has been properly applied in the required dry thin film uniform thickness.

Do not thin or strain Firefree 88®. Apply at can consistency. Use of airless sprayer is recommended (use of a dedicated spray line is required), but FF88® may be applied by brush or roller. For brush application, a fully loaded brush should be used. A laying on technique will reduce the brush marking. A short nap roller can be used but this may result in a slight textured finish.

Enamel finish coats: Apply one (1) coat of a latex primer or fast dry oil base primer/sealer over FF88® before applying a latex enamel or oil base enamel finish coat.

Wall covering applications: Apply one (1) coat of wall primer over product before applying wall covering. FF88 ® has a flat finish but may be top coated with most paints to achieve the desired texture and finish. For information on approved compatible primers and finish paints, contact manufacturer. Apply additional finish coats only after previously applied coats are thoroughly dry.

Precautions: Do not apply any materials that have been frozen or have come into contact with contaminants prior to use.

Application rate per coat: 14 mils wet / 10 mils dry
Theoretical Spread Rate: 114 ft² at 10 mils dry per coat.
The dry film thickness shall be checked using a wet film thickness gauge.
To use the wet film thickness gauge, insert the teeth into the wet basecoat. The last tooth to be coated indicates the thickness achieved.

Dry time is when the surface is thoroughly dry to the touch. Drying times are dependent upon a number of factors: Temperature - Air movement - Humidity - Thickness of product - Method of application. During the drying process, Firefree 88® will shrink due to evaporation of water. If multiple coats of Firefree8® are required, Firefree 88® must be thoroughly dry to the touch prior to the application of additional coats. If unsure, please contact us.

Standard White, it may be custom tinted with compatible tints to light colors (do not exceed 4 oz of tint per gallon).

5 gallon bucket, weight per bucket is 60 lbs.

CAUTION! Do not take internally. Close container after each use. KEEP OUT OF REACH OF CHILDREN. Protect from freezing.

1500° Series is a registered trade mark of International Fire-Shield, Inc.
Firefree88® is a registered trade mark of Firefree Coatings, Inc.