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All specifications and suggestions appearing on our labels and in our literature concerning the use of our products are based upon tests and data believed to be reliable. Since the actual use by others is beyond our control, no guarentee, expressed or implied, is made by International Fire-Shield, Inc. as to the effects of such use or the results to be obtained.

USA and International Patents issued

Made in the U.S.A.


  • U.S. & International Patents Issued
  • NFPA Certified (701/253/255)
  • UL Classified - 79P1
  • ASTM Certified (84/143/162/3597)
  • Extensive International Certification
  • ISO Certified (5657)

Flame Retardant Performance Standards:

North American

Fed. Test Method 191A - method 5903
Fed. Spec. PPP-F-320D (fiberboard, corrugated & solid sheet stock)
NFPA-701 Large Scale Tests
NFPA-701 Small Scale Tests
ASTM Standard Method of Test E 648-84
ASTM-E-84 Test on Olefin Wall Covering
94HB Flammability Test on Particle Board
Bursting Strength Test on Corrugated Board
OSU Heat Release Test
ASTM-E-84 Test on Pine Lumber
NFPA 255
UL 723
UBC 42-1
FAA Vertical & Horizontal
CAN 204.2 M77
MEA# 311-90-M Vol. II
ASTM D 3597-Abrasion (Cotton)
ASTM E 143 - Static Bend (Douglas Fir)
I.S.O. - 5657
CSFM Title 19-1237 & 1237.1
N.Y.F.D.C. of A. No. 4798
NFPA 253
NASA - WSTF #90-23883 (A&B)
WHB 8060.1B (coverall textile)
CSFM listed C-153.01 Textile
CSFM listed 1224.100 Lumber
Carbon ARC Exposures DOT
method SAE 1885 (Automotive Textile)

Toxicity Tests of Inspecta-Shield

Acute Oral Toxicity Study (Hazelton Laboratories America, Inc.)
Primary Dermal Irritation Study (Hazelton Laboratories America, Inc.)
Combustion Toxicity Test (Anderson Laboratories, Inc.)


Australian Standards 1530 Part 3 Fire Hazard Properties of Pine Radiata
Australian Standards 12mm Pinus Radiata Plywood Early Fire Hazard Test
French: M1 & M3
British: BS 5852
Kuwait: K.O.C.
  • Nordest NT Fire 007 Sisal
  • Nordtest NT Fire 004 Heat Release & Smoke Generation
  • (Below curve 1 meeting DIN 4102)
  • NT Fire 004 (Below curve 1) Pine Lumber
German: DIN# 4102, Class 1


ASTM E 84 (30 minute) - Standard Test Method for Surface Burning Characteristics of Building Materials.
ASTM E 119 - Standard Test Methods for Fire Tests of Building Construction and Materials.
ASTM E 2768 – Standard Test Method Extended Duration Surface Building Characteristics of Building Materials
UL 263 – Fire Resistant Rated Assemblies
NFPA 251 – Standard Methods of Tests of Fire Endurance of Building Construction and Materials
NFPA 286 - Standard Methods of Fire Tests for Evaluating Contribution of Wall and Ceiling Interior Finish to Room Fire Growth.
NFPA 703 – Standard for Fire Retardant Treated Wood and Fire Retardant Coatings for Building Materials
UL 723 - Test for Surface Burning Characteristics of Building Materials
CAN/ULC – S – 101 Standard Methods of Tests of Fire Endurance of Building Construction and Materials

International Fire-Shield Products(Aformentioned test results are not limited to materials specified. Individual Independent Test results on additional substrates available on request.)

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