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1500 Series™ Firefree88® is a premium intumescent fire resistant coating tested to comply with fire ratings performance prescribed under the International Building Code (IBC). These standards involve (i) fire resistant testing which measures a product's ability to prevent fire penetration over a period of time, such as ASTM E 119, FM 4975, ASTM E 662-97, ASTM E 3675-98, ASTM E 162-98, ASTM E 1354-94, ASTM E 814, BS 476, AS 1530.3 AS 1530.4. EN 13501-1, and (ii) fire retardant testing such as ASTM E 84 and Room Corner Test standards including UBC 8-2, NFPA 286, UBC 26-3, measuring a product's ability to limit flashover. It is listed and labeled by FM Approvals, a division of FM Global, and classified by Underwriters Laboratories (U/L), listed by CA SFM Building Materials and accepted by NY Material and Equipment Acceptance Division.




Use on properly prepared uncoated, primed or previously painted surfaces. 1500 Series™ Firefree88®  can be applied to numerous materials, including wood, gypsum board(sheetrock, plasterboard), lathe and plaster, concrete, masonry, embossed/pressed metal tin spray polyurethane foam (SPF) and other composite materials for 1 and 2 hour ratings. As a result of its' superior fire resistant performance, it can provide significant material and labor cost reductions, resulting in significant savings when compared to other construction options in situations such as construction, both new, retrofit and defective, (residential, commercial, industrial and government), insulation and transportation. Recommended for historic properties, schools, health care (hospitals, assisted living), apartments, condominium, high-rises, hotels, stores, restaurants, oil and solar facilities, government facilities, military applications and facilities, transportation (aerospace, aviation, light rail, maritime, energy). 1500 Series™ Firefree88® is a water-based paint designed for interior use (please contact us for exterior applications). It comes in a white, flat, smooth architectural finish and can be tinted. Alternatively it can be top coated with most paints to achieve the desired color, texture and finish.





• Cost efficient • High performance • Eco-friendly • Fully tested and certified




1500° Series™Firefree88® coating is tested to accredited IAS www.iasonline.org third party fire testing laboratories.



Qualifies for LEED v4 Credit - CDPH/EHLB Standard Method v1.2, 2017 Emissions - Meets VOC regulations (OTC, SCAQMD CARB) - Master Painters Institute® (MPI) Green Performance® GPS1/GPS2

• 1500° Series™Firefree88® coating may contribute up to five LEED points

• Tested by Independent ISO/IEC 17025 Accredited Laboratory

• MEA # 320-99 City of New York

• UL # R14654 Classified on OSB, Douglas fir

• FM Approved, per FM 4975

• Class O, per BS 476 Part 6 & 7

• Class 1-S, per NZBC Verification Method




Type: Liquid Color: White

Finish/Sheen: Flat 1.9-2.2 @60 .5-1@85

VOC: (test method ASTM D3960) <36 g/L

%Volume Solids: 67%

Viscosity (test method ASTM D-562): 115 @ 77ºF(25°c) kU

Specific Gravity/Density, g/ml: (test method ASTM D1475)1.272+ 0.05

Divisions: 099643 Fire retardant coatings, 099600 High performance coatings

Thinning: Not Recommended

Packaging: 5 gallon pails (60 lbs.)

Shelf-Life: 2 years (unopened)




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