Why IFS Products?

International Fire-Shield Tips the Scales On Its Competition

International Fire-Shield, Inc. has been involved in the Fire Retardant Market place for over 30 years and we have over 100 years of combined staff experience in products, applications, testing and Code Compliance Standards in the US.

The manufacturers of competitive Fire Retardants constantly publish claimed attributes of their products via the web and in their literature.

We have been asked to provide a comparison of our products and services to some of these products on the market.

Before choosing your company's fire retardant supplier, International Fire-Shield, Inc. recommends that you ask for supporting documents of their claims so that you may limit your potential liability.

Can the Manufacturer provide the following Documentation?

  1. 3rd Party Classification for their products (UL, ULC, ICC)
  2. Non Toxic and Non Allergencic Test Reports for Dermal Irriration, Oral Toxicity and Combustion Toxicity (An MSDS does not require or provide the resultant values of these tests)
  3. Independent Flammability Tests for natural and synthetic textiles as well as lumber and plywood to meet Class "A" Flame Spread Ratings.
  4. Interior and Exterior Durability Test Reports (Interior-CSFM Title 19 section 1258 Accelerated Aging/ Exterior ASTM 2898)
  5. Independent Tensile Strength Tests of treated items (CSMF Title 19 and Bursting Strength Test Data)
  6. Quality Control of Flame Retardant Applications (Certified Applicators, Certificates of Fire Resistance Specific to the Application and Ability to identify product application without destructive field tests)


For our last 30 years International Fire-Shield, Inc. has invested its resources into Testing, 3rd Party Classications, National Code Compliance Issues and unsurpassed Quality Control Programs.

There is NO fire retardant company in the US that can compare to our Qualifications, Customer Support and Resource Assistance for Code Enforcement Officials.

Reduce your potential liability!

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