Buying Time

Ticking clock


Left side cabin is untreated. Right side cabin is treated with FR.
Flashover occurs at 4:10

In the last decade there have been numerous fatal fires in residences for people with disabilities and student housing.

Students, and particularly people with disabilities need more time in a fire situation to be evacuated.

New Federal and State fire safety plans are demanding that these safety concerns be addressed.

Mandatory annual inspections require that these facilities meet and maintain stringent fire safety requirements.

In an effort to bring their facilities up to code compliance and reduce potential liability, administrators have addressed sprinkler systems, heat & smoke alarms, and evacuation times (all necessary concerns).

In order to have fire you need to have these elements

Heat + Fuel + Oxygen = Fire

If you remove one, you can't have fire

Buying Time - The Fuels

Most housing fires are accidentally started on decorative materials or by faulty electrical problems that can originate in the attic, basement and interior walls and then quickly spreads to exposed timbers, draperies, decorations, upholstery, varnished wooden wainscoting, trim & other decorative wall or floor areas quickly resulting in flashover, total loss and loss of human life.

Buying Time - Reducing Fuels

By assuring quality, reliable and safe flame retardant applications to furniture, wall hangings, exposed lumber and plywood we will have reduced dramatically the amount of AVAILABLE FUEL that is necessary for fire and have slowed the advancement of flame spread, potentially buying the CRITICAL TIME necessary for evacuation or for fire personnel to arrive.

Fire safety diamond

Burned out dorm
No fire retardant interior finishes

Music club fire
No monitoring program

Fire retardant house is the last one standing
This house was engineered and built
with fire-retardent treated materials.

Safety doesn't just happen

From the Laguna Beach picture above, it is evident that Flame Retardant products have been around for a long time. However, due to the false assumptions that FR products are too complicated and expensive to implement, their inclusion in design and construction is not widely insisted upon.

Piggy bank in a vice

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