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  1. What is International Fire Shield all about?
  2. How can International Fire Shield help our insurance companies?
  3. What are International Fire Shield's services all about?
  4. Is there potential liability exposure with your products?
  5. Does International Fire Shield give seminars or webinars?

1.What is International Fire Shield all about?
Innovations in world class flame retardant coatings and services to maintain fire code compliance.

Our firm got its start in 1983 as a developer of fire retardant products and services. International Fire-Shield has a full line of UL, UCC and ICC Classified paints, varnishes and other "Class A" coatings for interior finishes, decorative materials and thermal barrier applications.

Our corporate headquarters is in Auburn, New York, and we have manufacturing facilities in Boston, Niagara Falls, Atlanta, and Los Angeles.

A New History (The Final Link in Fire Safety)

In 2009 all trade names, technical and intellectual properties were merged into International Fire Shield to better serve our customer base.

Our founder, Patrick D. Bumpus, came back to International Fire-Shield after two years and saw a major need for improved flame retardant products for healthcare and educational facilities nationwide. He and his staff have over 100 years of combined experience with flame retardant products, applications, testing and compliance standards in the United States.

Relying on this extensive experience, the International Fire-Shield team has put together the most thorough, comprehensive specifications and programs in the country to help their clients bring their facilities into code compliance (interior finishes and decorative materials). Many are calling the International Fire-Shield - Flame Retardant Programs "The Final Link" in the fire-safety circle.

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2.How can International Fire Shield help our insurance companies?
Insurance loss, due to property loss (fire, water and mold) and of human life has been extremely high in recent years. By adopting our programs for your clients, fire risk will be greatly reduced, therefore, reducing losses.

International Fire-Shield specifications and programs for student housing and healthcare address positive economical methods and a means to bring these high risk areas into code compliance and maintain them as such for life.
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3.What are International Fire Shield's services all about?
Our Products: International Fire Shield is an internationally Recognized technology leader in the fire retardant chemical market. International Fire Shield products are U.L. and U.L.C. classified, Environmentally green and include a full line of flame retardant Paints, varnishes and other coatings for use on interior finishes and Decorative materials.

Certified Applicators: International Fire Shield's certified applicators are required to attend a 2 day hands-on Flame Retardant University. This comprehensive course includes flame retardant products, evaluations and monitoring followed by hands-on evaluations and applications.

Evaluation Services: Trained professionals from International Fire Shield will arrive on site to do a complete evaluation of miscellaneous flammable items to address compliance with the Life Safety Codes (interior finishes and decorative materials). Information will then be brought back to our offices for compilation of a detailed report and proposal to complete the necessary services to bring the facilities into compliance with the Life Safety Codes.

Monitoring: International Fire Shield has a patent pending UV Identification and Tracking Program that enables facilities, fire inspectors, insurance companies to easily and economically track and monitor flame retardant applications. International Fire Shield's in-house quality control program enables our clients access to track treatment and retreatment records on all goods in all facilities.

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4.Is there potential liability exposure with your products?
  1. Everything will burn given enough heat.
  2. Fire Retardants are designed to reduce how fast a fire will spread (as determined by flame spread ratings) Class “A”, “B”, and “C”, with Class “A” being the best or slowest Flame Spread Rating.
  3. International Fire Shield, Inc. has the most comprehensive Quality Control Flame Retardant Program (Interior Finishes and Decorative Materials) in the Country.
  4. Our Quality Control Program for Products (U.L., U.L.C., and I.C.C.), Evaluations, Training (FR University) and Monitoring (Software) are designed to drastically reduce risk (for the applicators, manufacturer, and facilities that adopt our program). These programs (enacted properly) have a proven track record ( 30-years).
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5.Does International Fire Shield give seminars or webinars?
International Fire Shield has an hour long webinar. International Fire Shield gives CEC seminars on site for code enforcement official and Insurance companies.
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