Stage, CCTV and Clinic Curtain Cleaning and Flame Retardant Treatment

    1. The Awarded Bidder shall furnish, at its expense, labor, supervisors, equipment, machinery, tools, materials, transportation, and other services necessary to fully complete the cleaning and flame retardant treatment of curtains, and cleaning of chairs, loveseats, sofas, auditorium seating, or other furniture requiring cleaning, on an as-needed basis.
    2. Curtain Cleaning:
      1. Before the cleaning of curtains, Awareded Bidder shall make minor repairs; any repairs that will require additional charges shall have prior written approval from the Building & Fire Code Coordinator or his designee (the "Coordinator") before repairs are made.
      2. Curtains are to be cleaned and treated in place using methods that do not reqire the removal or re-hanging of curtains.
      3. All Curtains are to be cleaned on boths sides, surface dust to be removed with industrial extractor and afterwards be treated with drapery cleaner and re-extracted. Cleaning chemicals that are used shall not cause any shrinking or color fading.
      4. Material stains are to be pre-spotted.
      5. All drapery track hardware shall be inspected for minor damage, cleaned, and lubricated. Missing grommet hooks must be replaced. Awareded Bidder shall make minor repairs. Repairs that require an additional charge shall have prior written approval from the "Coordinator" before repairs are made.

    3. Flame Retardant Treatment:
      1. Flame retardant should be applied according to manufacturer's label instruction. Flame retardant shall be non-toxic and non-allergenic. Flame retardant shall be non-toxic and non-allergenic. Flame retardant must meet or exceed National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) and ASTM standards for Class A fire retardant. Flame retardant shall be odorless and colorless. Treatment shall not damage the appearance of treated material.
      2. Awareded Bidder's product must have UL classification for fire retardant coating.
      3. Written certification that crtains hav ebeen treated and rendered flame retardant for a period of not less than five (5) years, treated curtains are to pass NFPA 701 requirements.
        1. A tag indicating the chemical(s) to treat curtains, treatment date and certification number must be sewn to the lower off stage end, on the backside of treated curtain, and all four sides of tag shall be sewn to curtain. In additiona, a copy of the tag must be affixed to the wall, behind Lexan, in close prosimity to the Stage Rigging Inspection Report.

    4. Methods and Products:
      1. Application methods and products used must have the prior approval of the Coordinator before any work.

  2. OSHA
    The Awarded Bidder warrants that the products, chemicals, and/or services supplied to the School Board shall conform in all respects to the standards set forth in the Occupational Safety and Health Act 1970, as amended, and the failure to comply with this condition will be considered as a breach of contract.
    The bidder shall have maintained continual work experience in cleaning and flame retardant treatment of stage, CCTV and clinic curtains for a period of five (5) years prior to the bid date. Bidder must submit written documentation with the bid response, substantiating experience requirements. Any of the following documentation will be acceptable.
    1. Copies of state or county licenses showing the date the business was opened.
    2. Copy of incorporation papers showing date of opening.
    3. A notarized statement affirming the opening date of the business.
    4. A notarized statement affirming previous years of experience of the principals of the firms.