Certified Applicator On-Site Tagging Specification

(A): Provide all materials and labor necessary for the application and certification of Class "A" UL listed Inspecta-Shield Plus® fire retardant, 1500° Series ® intumescent paints, varnishes and thermal barrier coatings to window curtains, textiles, upholstered furniture, decorative materials, exposed previously finished and unfinished lumber substrates located within a given facility.

Service is to be performed on-site.

(B): All items that are treated will be tagged with an individual Certification Tracing Number that is listed on the issued Certificate of Fire Resistance for each resistance. The tagging system will state Certified Applicator's License number, date of treatment and Test method the item conforms to. The tagging system will be installed by one of two methods.

(1): Closed weave textiles shall be stamped with IFS-800® or IFS-900® Aqueous Tracer visible only by the use of a 350-360nm long-wave Ultra-Violent Fluorescent Light tube.

(2): Open weave textiles treated with Inspecta-Shield Plus® that do not provide a solid surface for alpha-numeric code stamping will have a Thermal set or adhesive set tag affixed to the back side of the fabric for stamping.

(3): Interior Lumber substrates treated with 1500° Series intumescent paints, varnishes and Thermal Barrier Coatings will be stamped with IFS T-1100® clear acrylic pigment visible only by the use of the same light source listed above.

(4): One (1) handheld light will be provide dfor in house inspection use for each facility tagged by the above listed methods. The Tagging Stamp shall contain th esame information as above stamp used for textile application.